Cruise Safe

First of all, drive carefully to the cruise departure port!  

A Cruise is a wonderful, hassle-free vacation, with great value for money, and safer than other modes of transportation. 

The most dangerous part of your cruise will be driving to the port or airport. Statistics show that 125 times more people die in a car crashes in the USA alone than on a cruise ship sinking anywhere in the world.  

The odds of dying on a ship are one in 6.25 million, according to the BBC. Driving in a car is more dangerous than flying in a plane, yet when an aeroplane crashes or a ship sinks, the nonstop media coverage that follows creates unnecessary fear.

The average fatalities between 2006 and 2011 are 0.16 per one million passengers . . . this compares with 0.3 per one million passengers for the airline industry.

Once on board, just take simple precautions to avoid the dreaded Norovirus, as advised by the cruise lines. Some Caribbean cruise lines seem to have had many outbreaks. The river cruise lines, with their smaller ships and gourmet cuisine are quite free of the virus, as are European cruise lines such as Costa.

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