The magic of a river cruise

Cruise Expert Tips

Romantic river cruises offer a smooth and scenic trip along the world’s most breathtaking  waterways. From your stateroom or  balcony  you see local sights & scenery or even castles and fortresses , so close you feel you could reach out and touch them !  Names like Castles along the Rhine or Paris & Impressions of the Seine evoke enriching experiences and authentic local food, culture and customs.

See why each river cruise vacation is unforgettable & unique

  • The small but luxurious Cruise Ships make for a delightful camaraderie among passengers. Most of them include complimentary butler services and high quality amenities that make you feel like royalty.
  •  They have exclusive access to secluded ports at which the big ships cannot dock. Generally, you dock right in the Heart of Historic Cities  & towns so you’re just steps from markets, museums and landmarks.
  • Cruise along Historic Paths: In Europe, you cruise along some of the…

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