Save by using your travel agent..get tips from a cruise expert

Research confirms that travelers who book with travel agents save time, money and are more satisfied..

Being one of the pioneers in marketing cruises in the Arabian gulf, I have seen things change so much over the years.  There’s a bewildering variety of options available to the cruise consumer and it’s not easy to select your dream vacation. Professional agents know the advantages of each cruise line & can find the most suitable cruise line and ship to match your desires.

Agents are also familiar with the multitude of special promotions offered by the cruise lines. Therefore, they are able to guide consumers as to how to get the most value –dollar value and maximum enjoyment.

For sure, the cruise line, ship, itinerary and the package you book will determine the quality of your cruise vacation. I always suggest that you book through a cruise specialist who has an excellent understanding and knowledge of the strengths and drawbacks of the individual cruise lines  & each ship’s “unique features” and benefits. Whether you want to sail the scenic  “Inside Passage to Alaska” or explore more of this pristine land, a professional will help you pick the right  Alaskan cruise.

Here are some tips to save you money, as well as ensure smooth sailing..

  • Your travel agent could have group space on a cruise which they offer at a lower price  compared to the cruise line’s  current rates. Or, there might be added amenities such as shipboard credit or a price reduction, and a bottle of wine all provided for the same group!  These extras add up to hundreds of dollars.
  • Ask your agent for Travel insurance to cover emergency medical evacuation, expensive onboard medical treatment, missed connections, flight cancellations, unexpected death of a family member, lost baggage, stolen passports & more.
  • You can avoid pricey Shore Excursions & ask your professional travel agent to find you a reputable shore excursion company that will offer similar excursions for less.
  •  Transatlantic cruises & positioning cruises are pretty cheap- check with your travel agent for details of these.
  • You could cruise for FREE-  If you get your own Group together, through your travel agent, your basic cruise fare will be covered!!
  • Be aware that cabin mini bar rates  could be double the prices of  beverages purchased in the ship’s bar.
  • Send e-mails and make phone calls when you’re in port instead of using your Cell Phone or Computer on the Ship


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